Deqoil German Quality

DeQoil Gear Extra 80W-90

DeQoil Gear Extra 80W-90 is a hypoid gear oil with a mineral oil basis with special high-pressure additives for manual gearboxes. The optimal gear lubrication in all temperature ranges is guaranteed by the high pressure-absorption capacity. DeQoil Gear Extra 80W-90 ensures a stable oil film for lubrication even under extreme conditions. It reduces friction and prevents wear and corrosion.

Application notes:
DeQoil Gear Extra 80W-90 is suitable for use in manual gearboxes for 2-stroke and 4-stroke motorcycles if an oil according to SAE 80W-90 API GL5 is specified.

Practice and tested in aggregates with filling:


  • Very good oxidation stability
  • Good resistance to ageing
  • Excellent viscosity-temperature characteristics
  • Wear protection, Protection against rust & corrosion, attack on non-ferrous metals
Method Value
appearance orange-braun
density at 15°C 886
kinematic viscosity at 100°C 14
viscosity index 109
pour point -33