Deqoil German Quality

DeQoil FS 2-stroke engine

DeQoil FS 2-stroke engine is a synthetic 2-stroke oil based on synthetic base oils, selected 2-stroke additives and a PAO component. It is characterised by its high wear protection and reduced corrosion, as well as a prevention of deposits and glow-ignitions. DeQoil FS 2-stroke engine is ideally suited to air and water-cooled 2-stroke engines, as well as for separate-lubrication and self-mixing systems.

Application notes:
DeQoil FS 2-stroke engine is recommended for the lubrication of air-cooled 2-stroke petrol engines with a very high speed and the heaviest loads, as well as for the lubrication of separate-lubrication and self-mixing systems.DeQoil FS 2-stroke engine is suitable for high-quality, high-speed units such as brush cutters, leaf vacuums, and the like with over 6,000 rpm. Mixing ratio: 1:100 (with regular petrol)



  • High cleaning performance, which keeps the combustion chambers as well as intake and exhaust channels free of combustion residue and deposits to the greatest possible extent
  • Clean spark plugs provide for an optimum performance of the engine
  • Excellent lubrication of all engine parts, High wear and corrosion protection
  • Low exhaust fumes due to high combustion rate
Method Value
appearance gelb
density at 15°C 870
kinematic viscosity at 100°C 8
viscosity index 138
pour point -21